Poly Art Human | Albedo Creative Platform Open Call
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Albedo Creative Platform Open Call

Albedo Creative Platform Open Call

Albedo Creative Platform :19

October-November 2019

Since its inception in 2014, Albedo Creative Platform has gathered artists, scientists, theorists and designers in a blending room of art practices to restore voice and power to the vulnerable and marginalized from society through acts of creation. Originally focusing on the inclusion of the physically disabled, Albedo branched out to embrace the digital as a main medium of interventions without severing its engagement with real life and physicality.

Albedo explores the tense possibilities in the space that separates dissimilar backgrounds. This goes beyond the traditional multidisciplinary. What Albedo seeks is not a co-operation of art disciplines alone, but of profiles that do not blend in general.

In its last edition, Albedo focused on the topic of space and environment, through the medium of the digital which creates a natural weaving ground for people with different affinities.  This year, we also continue exploring the potential of the medium, but with a focus on subverted measurement to bring out hidden realities. “Unearthing the Occult: The Supernatural in Everyday Life” tackles an inverted form of biopower whereby instruments and investigations conspire with humans to reveal the “ghosts” that co-exist with them and that traditional systems of power do not recognize or care little about. This year again, the format will be a series of workshops culminating in an exhibition during the month of November.

Albedo’s soul is anarchist. This year, we would like to explore working with multiple curators in various disciplines. If you are a creator focused on a specific medium, if you have an interest in this year’s theme, or if you would like to suggest a sub-theme, we would love to hear from you.

Please send an e-mail to ghadawaked@gmail.com explaining your curatorial background and suggestions for this year before March 30.

For more information, visit http://albedo-platform.com/  

Albedo Creative Platform is a project by Beirut biennial for the Image, a not-for profit organization that promotes a contemporary art and design intervention based in Beirut, Lebanon.     


Unearthing the occult.
The supernatural in everyday life.

When an apparatus is overlaid on objects- it reveals hidden patterns, weaves narratives and uncovers secrets.
The apparatus can be a microscope, a measuring device, a software suite, a set of cameras and recorders, an investigation. Something that records physical space, memory, or libidinal flow in them.
What is this thing that wants to leave the womb of the occult and move out into the open? What is this creature, this monster, this beast, dragon, thief, mermaid, priest, beggar?
There are stories and realities we always suspected, but were never able to give them form or understand them. They are natural but have no recorded bodies, and in this sense, are better seen as supernatural.
With what hyperreal and supernatural creatures do we exist? Like bacteria that inhabit our guts, they are macrocosmic and insubstantial particles that share our space, maybe oblivious to us, maybe us oblivious to them.
A thing comes into being and becomes administrable when it is recorded and measured. We are
not measuring and administering bodies, but the ghosts that live with/in them. This is bio-power
flipped on its head and betrayed. Let’s call it “occu-power”. From the occult, but also from
temporary occupation. We direct the gaze of the bodies on the ghosts. We flip roles in a
temporary exchange of power like a game of make-believe. This also involves a reversal of
power between the mainstream and the marginalized, and an unintended alliance between people
and machines.
The unearthing of the occult challenges and invalidates the mainstream narrative. The digital
apparatuses used in the process betray their intended role. They become rebels a microchip red
army, almost assassins with vague ideals and objectives, instruments of alternative discovery. In
this game, even bodies and language mimic the instruments, they become carriers of rebel code.

Albedo Creative Platform is a project by Beirut biennial for the Image,
a not-for profit organization that promotes a contemporary art and
design intervention based in Beirut, Lebanon.