Poly Art Human | Salaheddine Bouanani, the miner of the beauty in small details
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Salaheddine Bouanani, the miner of the beauty in small details

Salaheddine Bouanani, the miner of the beauty in small details

Art is a matter of a passionate heart and which the Moroccan artist, Salaheddine Bouanani (S Din) is a living proof of it.

While during the day, the young pharmacist rushes to cure illnesses of the body, at night, he works his magic through brushes, canvas and sometimes digital visuals to heal deeper wounds, those of the soul.

“Painting is a natural way to express myself just as writing poems or taking pictures”, explains the versatile artist who likes to listen to Dee dee Bridgewater and Etta James while creating his illustrations.

Salah is fascinated by any act of creation, to him productivity is the trigger that made him an addict to art.

His big black eyes sparkle when he talks about his favorite artists such as Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Tamara de Lempicka, depicting the small details that fascinates him in the art work of these important artists.

“I am a fanatic for art” he tells me fervidly. Adding that he admires anyone who tries to surpass any difficult situation through art, especially the refugees who left behind their land, sense of belonging to create their only remaining home, the one that they paint on canvas.

I follow his idea and as I agree with him, I develop his thought “They don’t need actually to paint a physical home, any artistic work become their home, and this is how they really survive”.

Then while showing me his paintings and telling me about his art forums, I can’t help but feel how gentle is his soul.

This man really cares for humanity, he is a radiator as he likes to share his warmth, knowledge and passion.

His paintings are mostly inspired by the women he knows, he has a long list of beautiful strong muses that he elevates without falling into a repetitive pattern. Each muse has a story to tell as he combines their body figure with elements from the nature.

Each muse invites us to travel with her, as she takes us beyond oceans, skies, clouds, trees, flowers…all to remind us that nature is firstly a nurturing woman,  tender and fierce at the same time.

Salah knows how to live the beauty of a moment, a little detail can become a window to a transcendental aesthetic figure. He can instinctively spot beauty which is a rare talent.

“Sometimes, a simple element in nature matches in my imagination with a face of a person I know and I hurry to pay my tribute by combining both beauties together” . Then Salah adds “ Sometimes beauty calls out for a sort of intellectual demand that only a deep introspection can provide”.

Quoting the American painter, Barnett Newman, he reminds me that it is our function as artists to make the spectator see the world our way not his way. “You, as a writer and me as a painter”…

Concluding:” the most important thing to me is the ability to move people in their core, to create an emotion that can lead to a heart searching moment and to reach people wherever they are”.

Christiane Waked is a columnist, Risk and political analyst, Arts & Culture contributor. She is the former Press Attaché of the French Embassy to the UAE and former analyst and linguist of the French Interior Ministry.